“Soundtracking John Cage 4’3″” by

  • ©, Otto Li, Soundtracking John Cage 4’3″


    Soundtracking John Cage 4’3″

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Artist Statement:

    Li’s latest works delve into the arena of “soundscape” sculpture. Soundtracking John Cage 4’33” is an ethereal interactive sculpture derived from John Cage‘s seminal 4’33” work of silence. The work’s accompanying statement reads:
    Each second of silence or background noise is given a material physicality in the form of a transparent sound wave sculpture. The screen at the bottom shows video footage from the original performance […] The width of the gap corresponds to the thickness of each layer of sound wave [such that] light from the video illuminates the sculpture in accordance with the amount of ‘sound’ from the performance.
    [source: artradarjournal.com/2016/07/06/no-references-9-hong-kong-video-and-new-media-artists-part-1/]


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