“tangibleFlux φ plenumorphic ∴ chaosmosis.” by Navid Navab

  • ©2018, Navid Navab, tangibleFlux φ plenumorphic ∴ chaosmosis.
  • ©2018, Navid Navab, tangibleFlux φ plenumorphic ∴ chaosmosis.
  • ©2018, Navid Navab, tangibleFlux φ plenumorphic ∴ chaosmosis.


    tangibleFlux φ plenumorphic ∴ chaosmosis.

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    Kinetic audio-visual-haptic sculptures

Artist Statement:

    “tangibleFlux expresses the ontogenic moment that vividly moves around the cosmos. In its microcosms, the three-dimensional movement of spheroids under magnetic harmony, look like a paranormal phenomenon, like the dance of life itself.” – advertimes journal, Kotaro and Takashi Koguchi, Japan (2018.09.11)

    “I felt a mysterious force that makes me forget even the sense of time and space due to the whirlpool of movement of entities that cannot be seen at the beginning nor at the end.” – 100BRANCH Magazine, Shibuya, Japan (2018.10.15)

    In search for the hidden mysteries of matter from the borders of table-top astrophysics and natural fiction, three microcosms orchestrate states of sensory access to the phenomenological emergence of order out of chaos. tangibleFlux ? plenumorphic ? chaosmosis is an installation that invites participants to intimately encounter the ontogenesis of vital patterns through the spontaneous formation of temporal textures that emerge from material-energy fields.

    Physically investigated through collaboration with forces of complex harmonic motion, patterns-of-interaction between magnetism, gravity, and light spiral out of theories of complexity and into an improvisatory dance of hallucinatory forms. Eventually, the kinetic event unveils messy realness chaosing into balance: things doing… stuff seeking a minimum-energy-state under magnetic flux. Sensually binding, spatially confusing, and temporally unsettling, tangibleFlux pulls everything into immediate vibrational relation with its vertiginous ritual.

    Each microcosm engages unique entanglements. Microcosm no.1 “plenumeia” suspends a miniature ball above unstable magnetic fields. The ball shoots, twists, and turns towards a stability which it never sustains, leading to the spontaneous emergence of hypnotic patterns. Chaotic behaviour of the ball is then sonified and haptified in poetic sync, confusing the senses and bringing the body into prominence. No.2 “plenumélliptique périgée”, stirs a large array of spheroids in an intensive magnetic whirlpool. Elliptical textures emerge and morph to survive induced instabilities… energetic upheavals at the edge of chaos surrender to the seemingly static power of an underlying orbicular resonance of atomic topologies. No.3 “plenumophileia” holds a sensual swamp of voids, curves, and sog, where gestures prevail shapes: where pixel is lube, architecture is pollen, and objects are but excited clumps in a puddle of time.


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