“Water Organoids”

  • ©, Baudouin Saintyves and Severine Atis, Water Organoids


    Water Organoids

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Artist Statement:

    Performance, Juried artwork, Maison du Geste et de l’Image

    Water Organoids is a performance that uses an “immersive microscope” to film and project an invisible reality of self-organizing water structures. Emerging artistic and natural forms are indiscernible in experiments executed in front of the audience using pipettes, syringes, tweezers, and motors.

    Water Organoids is presented with the support of the Outreach Program @PSL University, in collaboration with the CNRS researcher Etienne Reyssat from PMMH, ESPCI Paris – PSL University. It is part of the Shapes of Emergence project, which develops performances, videos, robotic installations and research at the crossroads of art, technology and science. This project has benefited from the support of CAMIT (Council of the Art at MIT), High Concept Lab @MANA Contemporary in Chicago, the University of Chicago and private companies Thorlabs and Pixelink.




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