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  • ISEA2015

    Adam W. Brown, Associate Professor Electronic Art & Intermedia, Michigan State University, USA. Adam Brown is an internationally recognized conceptual artist whose work incorporates art and science hybrids including living and biological systems, robotics, molecular chemistry and emerging technologies that take the form of installation, interactive objects, video, performance and photography. Brown’s creative research is informed by a background in Intermedia, a philosophy that provides a framework for breaking down and combining different models of thought and bringing together disparate disciplines, leading to the establishment of new forms of research and creative activity. To this end, most of his creative and research endeavors are collaborative in nature. [source:]. As an educator, I engage students in discussions not only about the work they create, and the technology they use, but also encourage them to question the broader social implications of creating art in this technological age. What is the role of the artist’s voice? What are the social consequences of producing work in the new mediascape? How does an artist use this electronic media? Is there a difference between an artist working today versus an artist who lived one hundred years ago?


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  • Michigan, United States of America

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