Adilson A. J. de Oliveira

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  • ISEA2011

    Dr. prof. Adilson A. J. de Oliveira Ph.D  in a Multidisciplinary Ph.D. Program at UFRGS (Brazil) and at the Université de Montréal (Canada). She has researched extensively the relationship between technicity and body in interactive media art. Her expertise lies in the study of art and technology, as well as contemporary philosophy with special emphasis on subjectivity. She is a member of the NESTA (Subjectivity, Technology and Art Work Group), Ways of Contemporary Subjectivation research group in Brazil and Sense Lab research-creation group in Canada. She has been published her researches in several academic journals and proceedings. Since 1992, her art practice is concerned with drawing and printing; she has participated in several collective exhibitions and one-person shows. Currently, her research–creation makes free use of electronic and digital technologies such as audio-visual projection. She also is professor in a Post-Graduate Program of Visual Arts and chair of ICT in Education in UFSM/Brazil.

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