Akemi Ishijima

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  • ISEA2002

    Akemi lshijima is Japanese composer based in London. Her work includes sound installation, music for contemporary dance as well as concert music, and has been performed and broadcast internationally. She has received prizes in various international competitions such as Luigi Russolo (Italy) Bourges (France), Golden Antena (Bulgaria) and Ars Electronics (Austria) Her work has been selected and presented at ISEA94 (Helsinki) and ISEA97 (Chicago).


    Akemi Ishijima was born in Tokyo. Her interest in science and music led her to study Applied Chemistry at Waseda University where, at the same time, she became an active member of the Waseda Modern Jazz Group and explored various types of improvisation. After graduation she decid­ed to concentrate on composition and moved to Sweden. She studied electro-acustic music at EMS and The Royal College of Music in Stockholm. In 1993 she completed the degree of Master of Music at the University of East Anglia in England supported by an overseas scholarship from the Royal Swedish Academy of Music. Her electro-aocustic music has been performed and broadcast throughout the world, and has won several prizes and awards in competitions such as Bourges, Luigi Russolo, and Ars Electronica. Recent concert performances include ICMC Tokyo (93), ISEA94 Helsinki, ICMC Hong Kong (96), Stockholm New Music (97), as well as concerts in the UK. She has also composed music for a number of contemporary dance productions which have been recognized and performed internationally. She is currently completing her degree of Ph.D at the Centre for Electro-acoustic Music Studies in City University in London.


    Akemi Ishijima was born in Tokyo. She studied Electroacoustic Music at EMS and The Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Her works have been performed and broadcast throughout the world. She was the recipient of the Swedish Music Academy Scholarship and completed the degree of Master of Music in electroacoustic composition at the University of East Anglia, where she is currently studying for the degree of Ph.D under guidance of Dr. Denis Smalley.

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