Alexis Morris

ISEA Bio(s) Available:

  • ISEA2020

    Alexis Morris, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the Digital Futures program at OCAD University, and the Tier II Canada Research Chair in the Internet of Things. He is the director of the Adaptive Context Environments (ACE) Lab, and is a specialist in the overlapping research domain of software engineering for adaptive systems, based on the incorporation of fuzzy human-factors in socio-technical systems. Dr. Morris’ and his team engage a cross-section of approaches toward the future internet of things, leveraging artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, human-computer interfaces, adaptive risk management, multi-agent systems modelling, organizational culture simulations, and pervasive technologies. Having a diverse research agenda, he aims to organize and enhance human-machine synergy through initiatives to further the effective adoption of artificial intelligence as a support agent for practical and long-term uses.

Last Known Location:

  • Toronto, Ontario