Andrea Gogova

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  • Tomas Bata University, Department of Visual Arts, PhD

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  • ISEA2023

    Andrea Gogova: “I graduated with a Ph.D. Degree in Multimedia and Design at TBU in Zlin, Czech Republic. In my thesis I resolved the problem of experimental model of communication notation Transient Pattern. In my contemporary transdisciplinary research, spanning Art, Science and Technology, I have focused in the posthuman phenomenology, hydro-environmental art practices and approaches of communica- tion between human and more than human. My artwork contains from different experiences – from visual art and electronic literature, environmental studies, philoso- phy/semiosis in which I create the space of thinking about water body figuration and its relation to water-based communication – “hydrosemiosis” My body is a sensitive apparatus putting me in principles of global intuition of creating transcorporeal matter in the life of ‘water body language’. I am an external part of Metatechnicity research group at Cardiff MET University and women in art, science, and technology FEMeeting. I exhibited in Bratislava, Vienna, and Portugal.”

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  • Zlín, Czech Republic

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