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  • ISEA2019

    Anna Ursyn, PhD, is a professor and Computer Graphics>Digital Media Area Head at the University of Northern Colorado. She combines programming, software and various media. Ursyn had over 50 single juried and invitational art shows, over 200 fine art exhibitions, such as over a dozen times at ACM SIGGRAPH Art Galleries, traveling shows: Louvre, Paris, NTT Museum in Tokyo (5000 texts and 2000 images representing 20th Century), Virtual Media Network, moving image outdoor display Dallas TX. Her work was selected by NASA to the Moon Museum, and traveling shows, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, Denver Capitol and Denver International Airport. Research and pedagogy interests include integrated instruction in art, science, and computer art graphics. She has artwork in several books and journals. Her work in ABAD is in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art in NYC and Los Angeles County Museum of Art, LA, CA. – ABAD2 – work in Permanent Collection of Museé de la Poste in Paris, France. Also, her work is included into ABAD2 and  in Permanent Collection of Museé de la Poste in Paris, France, The Archives of American Art at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C.,  the Alternative Traditions in Contemporary Arts, the University of Iowa,  The Book Art Museum Lodz, Poland, at The Waskomium in Burlington, VT, and the Islip Art Museum, NY.

    Since 1987 she serves at the International IEEE Conferences on Information Visualization (iV) London, UK, and (CGIV), and Chair of the Symposium and Digital Art Gallery D-ART. Anna has published nine books on knowledge visualization and coding for visual artists, and several book chapters.


    Anna Ursyn, affiliated at Department of Visual Arts, University of Northern Colorado as an Associate Professor of Art. Degrees: M.F.A. University of Wyoming 1988; Ph.D. University of Wyoming 1994. Awards: Excellence in Education Award, College of Education, U. of Wyoming 1993; Scholar of the Year, University of Northern Colorado, 1995/96; Five grant awards for developing computer graphics technology. Over 15 single art shows, participation in over 70 juried and invitational fine art exhibitions, such as: ACM/SIGGRAPH 1989:90:94:95; Prix Ars Electronica 1988-1997; Eurographics 1991, 1996 (award­ed); SISEA (ISEA90), TISEA (ISEA92), ISEA94, ISEA96; SCAN 1990,’92,’93; ArCADE (Brighton, England) 1995:97; New York Digital Salon 1995, ’96; 20th Century Matrix, Tokyo, Japan; Digital Art Work Visualization—IV’97, London; traveling show Computerkunst/Cornputer Art’96, Gladbeck, Germany. Ursyn was awarded the SIGGRAPH ’90 grant for educators. Her research and pedagogy interests include integrated instruction in art, science and computer art graphics. Publications:Journal of European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction, 1997; Leonardo, 1993; Creativity and Cognition Proceedings, Loughborough, England, 1994; ERIC Doc. ED 374 773; Computer Graphics, 1991 (SIGGRAPH ’91 Panel); YLEM, 1990, 1996; COLLAGE—Colorado Art Education Association, 1996.


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  • Greeley, Colorado, United States of America

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