Anna Ursyn

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Most Recent Affiliation / Department / Job Title:

  • University of Northern Colorado, Artist, Educator, and Associate Professor


  • ISEA1997

    Anna Ursyn, affiliated at Department of Visual Arts, University of Northern Colorado as an Associate Professor of Art. Degrees: M.F.A. University of Wyoming 1988; Ph.D. University of Wyoming 1994. Awards: Excellence in Education Award, College of Education, U. of Wyoming 1993; Scholar of the Year, University of Northern Colorado, 1995/96; Five grant awards for developing computer graphics technology. Over 15 single art shows, participation in over 70 juried and invitational fine art exhibitions, such as: ACM/SIGGRAPH 1989:90:94:95; Prix Ars Electronica 1988-1997; Eurographics 1991, 1996 (award­ed); SISEA (ISEA90), TISEA (ISEA92), ISEA94, ISEA96; SCAN 1990,’92,’93; ArCADE (Brighton, England) 1995:97; New York Digital Salon 1995, ’96; 20th Century Matrix, Tokyo, Japan; Digital Art Work Visualization—IV’97, London; traveling show Computerkunst/Cornputer Art’96, Gladbeck, Germany. Ursyn was awarded the SIGGRAPH ’90 grant for educators. Her research and pedagogy interests include integrated instruction in art, science and computer art graphics. Publications:Journal of European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction, 1997; Leonardo, 1993; Creativity and Cognition Proceedings, Loughborough, England, 1994; ERIC Doc. ED 374 773; Computer Graphics, 1991 (SIGGRAPH ’91 Panel); YLEM, 1990, 1996; COLLAGE—Colorado Art Education Association, 1996.

Current Location:

  • Greeley, Colorado, United States of America

Role(s) at the symposia over the years: