Anni Garza Lau

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  • ISEA2020

    Anni Garza Lau is a mexican-german artist who lives and works mostly in Mexico City. She studied Visual Arts in UAEM (Morelos, Mexico) and in UPV (Valencia, Spain). Since graduating from school she has worked as video game designer, lecturer and freelance programmer. Her artwork focuses on human-computer interactions in many levels, concerning the consequences on social, affective and political relationships built through technology. Interaction, ubiquity and playfulness on devices are common tools in her installations or online works. She has also explored a number of technological forms such as generative algorithms, computer vision, affective computing, AR, VR, electronics and currently works with Artificial Intelligence. The aim of her practice is to question the role of technology as part of our daily lives and to glimpse possible futures for it.

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  • Mexico City, Mexico


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