Annika Newell

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    Annika Newell has a background in biology and art. She is pursuing studies involving kinetic metaphors for biological tendencies. Currently her work involves a two-fold inquiry; re-investigating early recorded electrical experiments, and human behavioral studies. Predominant areas of interest include chemical communication and communication through body posture and gesture. From these queries she incorporates components of mechanized movement into metaphorical form. One central challenge is for the sculp­ture itself to generate, or be more integrated with its own movement. Recently she constructed an electromagnetic device which serving as a pump, displaced air to and from a gender generator. This past January, she spent a 3 week residency in Poznan Poland, where she developed Reverence: Man in History/History in Man, with Marta Lyall, a performance/installation examining the interrelation of technology and history. She has plans to participate in a group exhibition, The Found Order, next Spring in Slovenia. Annika received her BA from the University of California, Davis in 1995, and is currently working on her MFA at Carnegie Mellon University.

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