Antoine Schmitt

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  • ISEA2015

    • Antoine Schmitt creates installations, urban art and performances that question philosophical and social problematics. His work has received several international awards and has been exhibited in festivals and museums worldwide. As a theoretician, speaker and editor of, Antoine Schmitt explores the field of programmed art.



    • Artist and programming engineer Antoine Schmitt creates installations, situations and objects, minimal and abstract, anchored in time and movement, that address the modalities of the free being in the system of reality. With reference to a systemic contemporary world, Schmitt places programming, an artistic medium that he considers radically new because of its active dimension, at the core of most of his artworks to challenge the forces in play, and their form. He has, alone or through collaborations, fostered confrontations with this approach in more established artistic fields like music, dance, architecture, literature and cinema, whose codes he re-examines. He has collaborated with Vincent Epplay, Jean-Jacques Birgé, Atau Tanaka, Anne Holts and Jean-Marc Matos, Alberto Sorbelli, Joana Preiss, Juha Marsalo and others. As a theorist, jury spokesman, and editor of the portal, Schmitt explores the field of programmed art. Antoine Schmitt lives and works in Paris.

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  • Paris, France, French Republic

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