Aquiles Hadjis

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  • ISEA2016

    Aquiles Hadjis makes things in order to find out how to make them. That process of learning always makes him think of other things he wishes would exist. After Hadjis feels he cannot tinker with them any longer, he put things on display in order for themselves to help him figure out what they are. That movement taking them towards (and away) from other people can take place several times for a given object, slowly transforming its meaning and its functionality, as its story becomes clearer.

    In their meetings with each other, Hadjis himself and our audience, his works generate conversations that can be experienced as music, games, tools, or forms that punctuate space, but may actually be better described as instruments to further our understanding about the whats and whys of activities like showing art pieces and making music. In most of Hadjis’ works, he sets up an encounter for the audience to unravel. He uses sound as a metaphor for the relationship between space, time and awareness; inviting the audience to move beyond interaction (set modes of input producing expected outputs) into a free conversation (open-ended discoveries triggered by unclear terms of engagement).


Last Known Location:

  • Tokyo, Japan


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