Artem Paramonov

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  • ISEA2019

    Vladlena Gromova & Artem Paramonov are interdisciplinary Moscow, Russia-based artists, the founders of the Laboratory of Interactive Art and Design VALab. The laboratory is a collaboration platform for artists, designers, engineers, and programmers. The participants of VALab consider ART as a way of cognition: a way of exploring a variable reality, a tool of searching non-obvious connections, and a means to research yourself. Vladlena Gromova and Artem Paramonov are participants of art & science exhibitions and festivals including Science Art Fest in Perm (2019), the permanent exhibition of Science Art center “SIRIUS” in Sochi (since 2016), the permanent exhibition of Polytechnic Museum in Moscow (since 2014), Science Art Fest in Moscow (2011); the exhibition of History of Russian videoart, volume 3 in Moscow (2011); the 3rd Moscow Biennale of contemporary art (2009); Vis Vienna Independent Short (2009); also Vladlena Gromova is the Winner of Kandinsky prize -“The Young Artists of 2007”.


Last Known Location:

  • Moscow, Russian Federation

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