Cheldon Paterson

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Also Known as:

  • SlowPitchSound

ISEA Bio(s) Available:

  • ISEA2023

    SlowPitchSound (Cheldon Paterson, CA) is an award winning Toronto-based composer, mentor, and explorer of sound & visuals. He has collaborated with creators from a wide range of disciplines including opera, jazz, classical, electronic music, theatre and dance. His unique style of music production, self proclaimed as “scifi-turntablism”, has graced stages around the world including Canada, Australia, USA, United Kingdom and Sweden. With a passion for depth and detail in his work, Cheldon is heavily inspired by nature, outer space, and dystopian sci-fi. Cheldon’s unique approach to making music includes turntablism, sample manipulation, and field recordings.


Last Known Location:

  • Canada

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