Aynur Kadir

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  • ISEA2015

    Aynur Kadir is an interdisciplinary scholar, media anthropologist, a doctoral researcher at the Making Culture Lab, Simon Fraser University, Canada, who works with Uyghur community in northwest China. She is working on her doctorate with Kate Hennessy on the safeguarding of Uyghur cultural heritage in China exploring various different digital platforms. Aynur is an award-winning ethnographic filmmaker, researcher at Xinjiang Folklore Research Center, China. She has an MA in Folklore Studies and a BA in Education Technology. She is interested in using digital media in the research, preservation, management, interpretation, and representation of cultural heritage to study how digital technology might be used to transform institutional cultures, methods, and relationships with audiences. She intends to conduct her doctoral research on the use of digital technology for the purpose of archiving Uyghur Intangible Cultural Heritage and make this knowledge available not only to scholars and the general public, but also to indigenous peoples so all can benefit in the future.

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  • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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