Bruno Beusch

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    Paris-based Tina Cassani & Bruno Beusch are responsible for “a few of the most remarkable multimedia projects of recent years” (AEC). In 1995, they founded TNC Network, an international production and communications network linked up with different partners (Ars Electronica Center Linz, Beta Lounge San Francisco, Museum of Technology Paris, Radio Fritz Berlin, Kunstradio ORF Vienna, Radio Couleur 3 Geneva, Paris DJ Radio FG etc.).TNC Network operates the legendary offbeat cyber radio Radio TNC, produces global network events and carries out consulting and production assignments in Europe and the US. In 1996, Beusch/Cassani launched the interactive media fiction “The Great Web Crash`,’a mix of carefully measured dosages of cybercliches, which, in the meantime, has generated largely autonomous spin-offs. In 1997, they organized “Crash Party” and “Clone Party”, two distributed, global network events—occurring at the nexus of online and real-world experience—based upon the new structures of power and responsibility inherent in network-linked systems. Beusch and Cassani have been working since 1988 as producers for main European radio stations. They pioneered the link-up of radio and Internet in a consistent fashion and in all conceivable combinations. The experience they gained during this process has been published in a study commissioned by the Ministry of Communications in 1996. The most recent presentations of their network projects include Ars Electronica Festival Linz (1996 & 1997), and Documenta X, Hybrid Workspace, Kassel (1997).

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