Cara-Ann Simpson

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    Cara-Ann Simpson, (b. 1985) is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on sculpture, sound, space and the participant. Cara-Ann is concerned with modes of listening/hearing in social situations and how people interact with sound. In 2011, Cara-Ann has received an International Program: Cultural Exchange Grant from Arts Victoria, has presented at Subtle Technologies Festival & Symposium in Toronto, and will publish a paper with Eva Cheng in the International Journal of Art & Technology. In 2010, Cara-Ann received a Young Artists’ Grant from the City of Melbourne to support the exhibition of Geo Sound Helmets at Kings ARI in Melbourne, Australia. In 2010 she also received an ArtStart grant from the Australia Council for the Arts to attend the IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo (ICME2010, Singapore) where she presented a paper with collaborator Eva Cheng (research engineer) on an interactive sound installation. The Janet Holmes á Court Artists’ Grant Scheme supported the development of this installation in 2009, and Cara-Ann was subsequently featured in Real Time Magazine’s online Studio section. She graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts First Class Honours from the University of Southern Queensland in 2008, and received the University of Southern Queensland Faculty of Art – Visual Arts medal in 2007. Simpson was the recipient of the Hobday and Hingston Bursary from the Queensland Art Gallery in 2007 for being the most promising undergraduate student from a Queensland tertiary art course. Cara-Ann also received the Asia-Pacific Golden Key International Honours Society Visual & Performing Arts Sculpture Award (2008), and was short-listed in the Wilson HTM National Art Prize (2009), and Agendo (2009). Simpson has had a number of solo exhibitions, sound releases and been involved in numerous performances and group shows within Australia, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates. Cara-Ann is the Co-Director & Co-Producer of Electrofringe Ltd, which hosts an annual electronic arts festival and year-round programming in Australia. Cara-Ann is currently raising money to continue working on Geo Sound Helmets. 




Geodesic Sound Helmets


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