Caroline Seck Langill

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  • OCAD University, Liberal Arts and Sciences and the School of Interdisciplinary  Studies, Dean


  • ISEA2015

    Caroline Seck Langill, Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the School of Interdisciplinary  Studies at OCAD University (Toronto, Canada), is a Peterborough based writer and artist who curates, researches and theorizes new media art in an attempt to rectify art historical exclusions of art engaged with technology. Her website Shifting Polarities for the Daniel Langlois Foundation tracks the history of electronic media in Canada. Recent publications  include The Menace of Things for the Cronenberg Virtual Museum and The Living Effect for Relive, MIT Press. She is co-investigator with Dr. Lizzie Muller on two SSHRC projects to examine the implications of exhibition for lively objects.


    Caroline Langill, OCAD University, CA

Current Location:

  • Peterborough, United Kingdom

International Programme Committee:


  • 2015 Overview: Museum of Vancouver – Lively Objects: Enchantment And Disruption

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