Chiara Passa

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  • Fine Arts Academy of Rome, Faculty of Modern Literature


  • ISEA2019

    Chiara Passa (1973, Italy). M.F.A. from the Fine Arts Academy of Rome, Master in new audio-visual mediums at the Faculty of Modern Literature. Currently, I am living and working in Rome.


    Artist and professor Chiara Passa graduated from the Artistic Lyceum at the Fine Arts Academy of Rome, Italy, and earned a Master’s degree in new audio-visual mediums at the Faculty of Modern Literature. Her artwork combines different media as internet art projects, animations, interactive video-installations, and digital art in public space as site-specific artworks and videosculptures. Passa has exhibited internationally at festivals, conferences and institutions including Vortex Dome, LA (2014), RENEW Conference, Riga (2013), ISEA2012 Albuquerque, FILE, São Paulo (2011), Soft Borders Conference, São Paulo (2011), and Artech, Portugal (2010).

    Chiara Passa. Artist/conceptualizer and lecturer. Studies: Artistic Lyceum, Fine Arts Academy of Rome, Italy, where graduated; master in new audio-visual mediums at the Faculty of Modern Literature. Lived around. At the moment I’m living and working in Rome. My artwork combines different media as: internet-art projects, animations, interactive video-installations, digital art in public space as site-specific artworks and videosculptures. I develop also internet-artworks as widgets, apps and web-apps for mobile platforms. I use the new technologies in a wide-range production in order to comprise its intrinsic language, experimenting in rigorous and personal way on the unknown creative possibilities that the new media are continuously offering to me.  My artwork was internationally exhibited at festivals, conferences and institutions.


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  • Rome, Italy


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