Daniel Cruz

Most Recent Affiliation / Department / Job Title:

  • Universidad de Chile, Faculty of Arts


  • ISEA2019

    Daniel Cruz (Coronel, Chile, 1975). Artist, Researcher and Professor. MFA (UCH), Certificate of Harvestworks, Digital Media Art Center, New York, USA. He is the coordinator of the MAM | Master in Media Arts and Vice Principal of the Visual Arts Department of the Faculty of Arts in Universidad de Chile. He is the co-author of the Digital Arts Contest in honour of Matilde Pérez. He is also is the director of the SAM | Media Arts Seminary. Since 2000, he has participated in individual and collective exhibitions in galleries, museums, cultural institutions and public spaces in Chile and Foreign Countries .He is part of the collaborative latino american sound art project “Surófona”. He has published several books: Intersecta 2018; Océano 2016;  Objeto Tecnológico en el Arte Contemporáneo 2015; Tecnologías de Mediación 2015 y Espacios Temporales 2014.


Current Location:

  • Santiago, Chile

Role(s) at the symposia over the years: