Daria Tsoupikova


  • University of Illinois at Chicago


  • School of Design, School of Art and Design, and Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL)

Job Title:

  • Associate Professor


  • ISEA2016

    Tsoupikova’s creative practice examines the technological revolution in the field of design, focusing on Virtual Reality (VR) as the ultimate form of advanced technology for artistic expression. Since 2002 she has been creating VR applications and networked multi-user environments for VR projection systems, such as Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE and CAVE2). These works investigate computational creativity to design real life applications that advance healthcare, education and social change. Prior to joining academia, she worked for several design companies including global Siegel+Gale and the New York-based Firstborn designing and developing interactive web applications for Citigroup, General Electric, New York Racing Association (NYRA), Miradiant Global Network, NETGEAR, Redken, and other clients.

    She is an Associate Professor in the School of Design and the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) at the University of Illinois at Chicago where she is responsible for the integration of advanced technologies such as Virtual Reality, Visualization, Game Design, Mobile Design and Creative Coding into curricular and professional practice. She has been an active leader and advocate for the development of cross-disciplinary collaborations, courses, and professional applications.


Current Location:

  • Chicago, Illinois, US

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