David Guez

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  • ISEA2016

    David Guez (France), artist.


    David Guez has been creating artwork related to new media and digital forms since 1994. His works question contemporary subjects and their link with new technologies. Guez deals with topics as varied as free media, psychoanalysis, time, collective uses of the internet, identity problems and loss of liberty, but his most recent projects deal with memory and time. In 2015, he launched the collective VRLAB.FR exploring art and virtual reality. His work has been presented nationally and internationally, with an upcoming exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in February 2016.


    David Guez (FR) realizes  artistic projects related to new medias that mainly focus on the themes of memory and time. He also worked on the realization of many collaborative platforms which question the uses and limitations of new technologies while offering new alternatives


    Since 1994, David Guez created art work related to new media and digital forms (performances, installations, Internet). All his projects are driven by two main notions: ‘link’ (social link, link between Internet and ways of making art…) and ‘public’ (an art accessible to all, questionning public liberties…). These two approaches enabled him to create ‘objects’ and ‘matrixes’ that question contemporary subjects and their application or their link with the web. He deals with topics as varied as free media, psychoanalysis, time, collective uses of the Internet, identity problems, loss of liberty and questions of filing on the web. His work is presented in national and international contemporary artistic networks (France, Canada, USA, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands…) and has received a broad press coverage (New York Times, Libération, Le Monde, Télérama, France Culture, France Inter…) as well as several prices and subventions (Scam, CNC, DAP ).


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  • France, French Republic


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