Devin Ronneberg

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  • ISEA2020

    Devin Ronneberg, Native Hawaiian descent, is a multidisciplinary artist born, raised, and living in Los Angeles. Working primarily in sculpture, sound, image-making, networking, engineering, and computational media, his work is currently focused on the unseen implications of emergent technologies and artificial intelligence, information control and collection, and the radiation of invisible forces.

    Incorporating aerospace engineering techniques passed down by his father as the basis for his sculptural practice, his work explores the possibilities of modern manufacturing and materialities with techniques and materials used in the design and prototyping of hand-built experimental aircraft. His early life growing up in and around the world of experimental aircraft brought with it a love of aviation and the lore emanating from the mysterious facilities, experiments, and milestones broken in the deserts of the American Southwest. The stories about secret aircraft, nuclear experiments, black operations, and extraterrestrial lifeforms from his childhood instilled an early curiosity for the hidden and unexplained forces that shape the boundaries of our understanding. This curiosity has led to his personal investigations into the power of the unknown and a desire to understand the new mechanisms that control the flow of knowledge and power in the digital age.

    Ronneberg is a Sundance New Frontiers Story Lab 2020 Fellow, and his work has most recently exhibited at ISEA 2020, MoCNA, The Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, and Imaginenative 2019. In 2014 Ronneberg co-founded the Los Angeles underground record imprint and event series Private Selection Records, and continues to produce, dj, and perform live under the Aerial moniker. He holds a BFA in music technology from California Institute of the Arts and is an experimental aircraft designer / builder at Berkut Engineering.


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  • Los Angeles, California, United States of America

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