Elena Knox

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  • ISEA2019

    Elena Knox is a performance/media artist and scholar. Her artworks stage enactments of persona, gender and presence (sonzai kan) in technoscience and communications media. Recent shows include: Algorithmic Art: Shuffling Space and Time at Hong Kong City Hall; Synthetic Mediart at Taipei Expo Park; and Beijing Media Art Biennale. In 2018 she presented her solo show The Female is Future at Gallery Hashimoto, Tokyo.

    Her work stages sonzai-kan (presence 存在感) and kokoro (heart/mind 心) in techno-science and communications media.

    She amplifies human impulses to totemism, idolatry, and fetishism, by which she attempts to commune with parahuman phenomena,​ and to push back against our ultimate loneliness in the galaxy. ​


    Elena Knox is an emerging Australian performing and media artist.


Last Known Location:

  • Tokyo, Japan

Previous Location(s):

  • AU