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    Elizabeth Swift is a director and founder member of VOID: Performance. She is a lecturer in Performance Arts at Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education, and has an MA in Contemporary Theatre Practice from Lancaster University, UK. She was Artistic Director of Prema Arts Centre, England from 1988-94, has a background in Arts Journalism, and is also a freelance writer. Recent conference presentations include: Paper, A Room for Robots, SIGGRAPH ’96, New Orleans, LA; Paper, Romancing the Web, Grasping the NETtle Art & Technology Conference, Exeter, UK, 1995; Panel Member, Dance Umbrella, Technology & Dance Forum, London, UK, 1995. VOID:Performance is a UK-based theatre company which works extensively with emerging technology.The company was founded in the late 80s by a group of performers and artists with a shared interest in science fiction and the dynamics of live performance. Robots, CCTV, video, telephones, faxes, and computers have shared the space with performers in a series of VOID events, at venues ranging from college studios to large theatres, from a derelict Gothic mansion to an architect’s office.

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