Elizia Volkmann

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  • ISEA1998

    Elizia Volkmann, UK, recently became famous for deliberately putting on body fat as preparation for the “Forbidden Bodies” project (a process of transgenerment through body sculpture she is in phase 2 fatstripping, muscle building). Now that the dust has settled from the media attention she is reconstructing that event in the video installation “PhatMedia Blast”. Her art work has always been concerned with issues of personal identity and also paradox. After completing a cycle of work about immigrant identity she became aware that for the immigrant without the homeland the only territory was the body.

    Her academic research explores the strategies currently being employed by artists working with the body and the future strategies and possibilities for such art production exploiting the rapidly developing technologies of transmission, sensoric control, feedback, imaging, interaction etc. Her first degree was at Sheffield Hallam University where she organised the “Body Poli – tech conference” in 1996, currently research is based at Leeds Metropolitan University. She is also a partner in the production company Blue Eyed Sky which has a remit for research and development of moving image and sound work either commercial or art based. This fall she is exhibiting “Drown” – video installation premiering at Batley as part of the Photo 98; further works and exhibitions in Dublin; the launch of “Traders” (a live action/CGI distopian drama) at the Leeds Film Festival; and Tullie House Carlisle will see the re-presentation of “PhatMedia Blast”. She has recently been made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

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  • United Kingdom

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