Fatema Mostafa

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  • University of California at Davis, Graduate Student

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  • ISEA2022

    Fatema Mostafa is an architect, interior designer, and graphic designer with a huge interest in the use of color in architecture. Her Bachelor Project was a design proposal for The Cairo Central Library in Egypt. The main concept was to encourage the culture of reading and education among Egyptians. Fatema believes that colors have the capability to transform buildings; internally and externally, to the better, which contradicts what her German professors have been teaching her, which is that colors are gauche.

    I am focusing my research on colors, specifically its relation to architecture, and the phycology of the users. I want to emphasize the importance of usage of colors in architecture, both internally and externally. I want to discover when the movement of introducing colors to architecture took place, and to build a survey list and a personalized map with all the colorful projects around the world.

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