Florencia Levy

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  • Florencia Levy ’s production sustains itself through several layers, which converge upon the notion of translation from a research-based practice and its representation as a form of apprehension, weaving material from various sources. Levy’s practice is often supported by anthropological fieldwork and interviews, and she uses several artistic strategies and materials combining different forms between the real and the imaginary, recollection and history. The formats in which the diverse actions materialize vary according to each project: film, publications, collaborative projects, photography, painting, or texts which function as a stage: elements, which, in turn, will contribute to a possible return to the narrative. Levy is interested in investigating how artistic practices can directly affect public spheres and activate new spheres of social structures by creating new fields of action. Levy’s focus is on the possibility of sharing a space for critical reflection, contributing to a dialogue of exchange, because her main interest lies in both building of a personal universe of images as well as developing a way of thinking, such as creating a world of ideas to serve as a bridge for others.

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