Franca Formenti

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  • ISEA2011

    Franca Formenti. In 2002 she presented the work in progress “Bio-Doll” performance in Bologna , which focuses on the research of the use of the body and sexuality as instruments of seduction, be they online or off-line. After a series of video performances, photos and actions that invade public and private spaces connected to the field of information, Bio Doll interacts with Derrick de Kerckhove who brings her to the virtual conception of a living being, the bloki wiki+blog – fed by the information that they exchange with one another.

    In 2007 she began to have an interest for the world of food and cuisine with a particular focus on the various ways of making food, it’s strength and power over behaviour and habits with the objective of using its appeal as an instrument to induce the public to reflect upon the current identity crisis of our contemporary society. She also participated in and worked for European and International exhibitions and papers.

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