Frank Ekeberg

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  • ISEA2015

    Frank Ekeberg is an artist and researcher primarily concerned with the sonic arts. His work explores issues of ecology, time, space and memory. Ekeberg has produced art for concert performance, dance, film, theater, radio plays and multimedia installations, and has presented all over the world. He received a master’s degree in electronic music from Mills College in Oakland, California, USA, where he studied with Pauline Oliveros and Alvin Curran, and a PhD in electroacoustic composition from City University in London, UK, under Denis Smalley’s and Simon Emmerson’s tutelage. Frank Ekeberg alternates his time between Trondheim, Norway, and Arizona, USA.


    Frank Ekeberg, NO, is an artist and researcher primarily concerned with the sonic arts. His work explores issues of ecology, time, space and memory. Using almost exclusively natural sound as source material, spatial aspects of the sounds and the listening environment are integrated as essential elements of the work. A composer by training, Ekeberg developed spatio‑structural theory, a framework for identifying, analyzing and composing sonic space in acousmatic music.


    Frank Ekeberg, Trondheim, Norway


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  • Norway

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