Geoffrey Lillemon

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  • ISEA2011

    Anita Fontaine & Geoffrey Lillemon a.k.a. Champagne Valentine have changed the art and advertising cosmos with their provocative and decadent creations. A fantastical entity, they shapeshift between commercial, fashion and luxurious realms while remaining attuned to ethical and contemporary art trends. Visionaries Geoffrey Lillemon and Anita Fontaine lead an agency of roguish superstars whose MO is to embed engaging layers of beauty inside reality. At the forefront of emerging interactive technologies their aesthetically timeless work can also be seen in commercials, print, animation, and in museums and royal gardens. They have also been known participants of some out-of-control champagne dinner parties. Delicious. Their adored clientele includes the likes of Diesel, Tate Modern, Edun, Bernhard Willhelm, (RED), Tim Burton and Vh1. Champagne Valentine’s headquarters are situated in the enchanting village of Amsterdam, NL.

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  • Amsterdam, Netherlands the

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