Geronimo Inutiq

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  • ISEA2015

    • Geronimo Inutiq(Montreal, Canada) considers himself amongst other things a self-taught and independent electronic & electro-acoustic musician, and multi-media artist. Having been exposed to strong traditional Inuit cultural elements in his youth, as well as the exciting worlds of modern art, and broadcast & media through close members of his kin, he has been able to weave those reference points into his practice in innovative and crafty ways – allowing him to create on his own accord original works, and enter in contract with a wide variety of clients and partners seeking cultural content. Guided by the notion that creative personal expression is a very subjective and individual experience, he is interested in the dialogue that emerges between that individual and increasingly large and complex inter-related circles of socially constructed systems of meaning.


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  • Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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