Guillaume Marmin

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  • ISEA2020

    Born in France in 1981, Guillaume Marmin creates installations and performances that encourage exploration of the relationships between ligth, sound and space. Drawing inspiration from film-makers such as Norman McLaren and Stan Brakhage, as well as from kinetic art, he uses contemporary tools to study forms in motion. His work is a revival of visual creation, free from the restraints of conventional storytelling and traditional media. Guillaume seeks a shared language between image and sound; a synesthetic alphabet composed of rhythm, contrast and simplistic forms in motion. Whether exploring scientific issues informed by collaborations with researchers, or depicting mysterious symbolism, his creations shine a spotlight on our relationship with light.

    Following studies in audiovisual media, Guillaume saw his first work exhibited in 2005 at the Lyon Contemporary Art Biennale, where he had been selected as an emerging artist. As recipient of the digital art award from GRAME and the Taipei Digital Art Center, in 2011, during his first residency, he created the Around the Island installation in Taiwan. Since, his projects have led him to work in numerous countries as part of group exhibitions and festivals dedicated to contemporary and digital art. In 2018, he presented Light matters, his first solo exhibition, for the inauguration of the B39 contemporary art center in Bucheon, South Korea. The following year, he was invited by Wood Street Galleries in Pittsburgh, United States, to display his new exhibition entitled Mythologies.


    Guillaume Marmin & Philippe Giordani, France


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  • France, French Republic

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