Guillaume Slizewicz

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  • ISEA2022

    Guillaume Slizewicz is a designer living in Brussels, Belgium. He is a member of Tropozone, Algolit and Urban Species. He focuses on the surprise created by misused hardware systems, the poetry of algorithms and the contact points between technology and the environment.
    His practice is about translating and making visible social issues via installations and artworks. His prototyping and creation process involves machine learning, electronics and digital fabrication. While each project is different, they convey interrogations and explorations through aesthetically pleasing and exciting forms, most of the time interactive. In his projects, Guillaume Slizewicz usually collaborates with other artists, researchers and designers to make sure multiple points of view and types of information on the subject at hand are taken into account. In the previous years, he worked on several topics including surveillance technologies, air quality, automatic language processing and the relationship between humans and plants.


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  • Brussels, Belgium

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