Gundolf Freyermuth

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    Gundolf Freyermuth‘s writing credits include 3 novels, 8 non-fiction books, and several screenplays. Born 1955 in Hanover, Germany, he studied and taught comparative lit­erature at Free University, Berlin, specializing on media theory and on the history, theory and practice of literary reporting. He also was a reporter and senior editor with TransAtlantik, Stern, and other German magazines. Since 1994, Freyermuth lives on a ranch in the White Mountains, Arizona writing fiction and exploring cyber culture and its effects on traditional media. He is a regular contributor to Spiegel Special, Frankfurter Rundschau, and the online magazine Telepolis. His latest books are Cyberland: Eine Fuehrung Burch den High-Tech-Underground (Berlin 1996), Das war’s: Letzte Worte mit Charles Bukowski (Hamburg 1996) and the novel Bogarts Bruder (Leipzig 1997; writing as John Cassar).

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