Hyun Ju Kim

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  • ISEA2019

    Hyun Ju Kim (ex-media) lives and works in Seoul, South Korea, exhibiting various digital experimental films, interactive installation and robotic art nationally and internationally. Her computer interactive installations and performance projects deal with posthuman conditions in the techno-cultural society, exploring the notion of identities in such an environment with ubiquitous digital technologies. In her recent works, she has been creating artistic vocabularies to deal with the issue of the body in the techno-society and the ontological and epistemological relations of human, machine, algorithm and things in the time of ‘non-human turn. Previously worked as assistant professor of art at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, Kim is currently associate professor in convergent media at Seoul Media Institute of Technology (SMIT) and the director of Expanded Media Studio, a visual & media arts research group at SMIT. Graduated from POSTECH, Kim studied computer art at the department of Transmedia in the Syracuse University, USA.


    Hyun Ju Kim (b.1973) is a media artist working and living in South Korea. Assistant Professor, Korean German Institute of Technology (South Korea)


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  • Seoul, Korea

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