I-Wei Li

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  • ISEA2011

    I-Wei Li positions herself as a ‘contexterin’ – a title composed by 3 parts ‘context-er-in’ in German, meaning a female person who aims to generate new contexts in her creative practice. Currently leading SideBySide Studio in Berlin, an international platform situated between art, culture, politics and economics.  Known for its intimate and critical exchanges, it is now a creative hub for many Berlin based and international creative practitioners to share and test their visions. Together with a team of interdisciplinary and dedicated experts, SideBySide Studio aims at promoting contemporary art, above all, supporting and hosting experimental projects and critical researches as cultural activism in the international context. In particular, it gives great importance to cross-discipline exchanges between Europe (France, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden, UK), South America (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay), North America (USA, Canada) and Asia (China,Taiwan).For ISEA2011, she will present Artout, an international artist escort service agency to test boundaries of art, economy, human relations and cultural politics.

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