Ian Flitman

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  • Ian Flitman is an English new media artist working in algorithmic narrative.

    His previous work includes Hackney Girl (2003) which was widely exhibited and won the Best Narrative Award at Flash in The Can 2004. It is a self-editing video diary about the artist moving from London to Istanbul in 2002. A road movie and love story, Hackney Girl reconstitutes the act of watching film into an exercise in pattern recognition as viewers compare differently nuanced versions of the same narrative.

    Later The People in 2010 was shortlisted in Best Sound category in the same festival, and likewise shown. This is a series of films of people listening to the poem The People by WB Yeats. Users can choose the number and identity of the listeners, who they listen to, and what background music and sonic atmospherics accompany them. By doing so, it both reflects the central message of the poem and reformulates the film soundtrack itself.

    In 2015, Ian Flitman finally released Jane another large series of films, this time from a polyvalent dialogue-driven script for two actors. Meaning follows form as the piece is about the unstable vagaries of human desire. It is also absurdly comic and rather rude.

    Ian lives in Switzerland. By day, he works at a university there as a computer scientist. By night, he schemes narrative mischief.


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