Ignacio Nieto

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  • Finis Terrae University (Universidad Finis Terrae)

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  • ISEA2012

    Ignacio Nieto: Artist, teacher, designer, writer and programmer, Ignacio Nieto has been devoted to research, development, and implementation of strategies related between art and digital culture. Last year he was jury of Matilde Perez Competition, an exhibition made at Fundacion Telefonica Santiago, he has also developed a Wi-Fi intranet in a popular neighborhood in Santiago and made an art piece involving Wi-Fi portal, Arduino circuits and JavaScript programming language which was shown in Galleria Centro in the city of Talca, Chile. Currently he is preparing an interactive robotic installation for the International Sound Art Festival Tsunami. He also belongs to a research team focused on Zerbarini Latin American net.art, directed by Argentinean artist Marina and funded by National University Tres de Febrero (Buenos Aires). It focuses on individual research of new programming platforms for tablets and mobile phones. He teaches the programming language Processing, at the School of Arts and Photography at University of Science and Communication UNIACC and JavaScript and HTML5 in the school of Design and Communication at the Pacific University, both in city of Santiago, Chile.

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  • Santiago, Chile

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