Jackie Calderwood

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  • ISEA2014

    Jackie Calderwood, artist and researcher, is based in the SouthWest and the East Midlands of England. Research Fellow, Disruptive Media Learning Lab, Coventry University, UK


    Jackie Calderwoodis an English artist and a PhD candidate with the Institute of Creative Technologies, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK. She is interested in the relationship between creativity, participation, interactive media and modes of revisiting experience – online, on location, relocated in time and space. Jackie has a longstanding freelance practice as a media artist working with community engagement, youth arts, health and education. In her research, Jackie is looking at the factors that contribute to our experience of pervasive media arts, and exploring potential conceptual and embodied frameworks for the mapping of such experience. In particular developing methods to trace, articulate and enhance individual modes of paying attention, of noticing one’s awareness in and of the moment. Research residencies include On The Commons, Banff; Experimental Research Methods, Dundee and the Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol. Jackie received an MA Interactive Media Arts from UWE, Bristol and BA(Hons) Fine Art (Sound & Image) from Bath Spa. She is also an experienced holistic body and energy-work teacher and practitioner.


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  • United States of America

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