Jah Wobble’s Invaders of the Heart

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  • ISEA1994:

    In 1978 saw the release of Public Image Limited’s eponymous single. At eighteen years of age Jah Wobble’s (John Wordle) heavy bass sound was established in the first ten seconds of the track. Having left P.I.L , Wobble’s collaborations mixed shortwave radio collage, heavy dance grooves, Islamic and African sounds with trance-like atmosphere. His music was the forerunner of today’s “World” hybrids. Released in May 1994, Jah Wobble’s  Invaders of the Heart’s new album, “Take me to God” is Wobble’s most ambitious  album featuring a stunning array of artists, always underscored by that fundamental bass sound. The name Invaders of the Heart comes from ancient troupes of dancers and musicians who could literally invade the hearts of tired travelers who came to them, using music in its original form as a healing source.


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