James Jung-Hoon Seo

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  • ISEA2000

    I make things with digital media and computational tools. One aim is to sketch different ways of manipulating photos and videos in expressive ways by writing custom software. Another is to explore how to represent and synthesize multiple points of view, time, and space within a shared visual context.

    I have a master’s degree in Media Arts and Sciences and a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering, both from MIT. At the MIT Media Laboratory, I studied under John Maeda at the Physical Language Workshop and Glorianna Davenport in the Interactive Cinema group. My graduate work centered on designing software for multi-user browsing and editing of video on the web; projects included a web application for editing video stored on a server and an interface for visualizing concordance within videos edited by multiple users. An archive of my graduate work at the MIT Media Lab (1999-2004) is available.

    I am based in Somerville near Boston. I was born in Korea and have lived in the Philippines and the San Francisco Bay Area.


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  • Somerville, Massachusetts, United States of America

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