Jamie Allen

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  • ISEA2013

    Jamie Allen, Institute of Interaction Design, CIID-Copenhagen, Denmark


    Jamie Allen makes things with his head and hands. These things most often involve peoples’ relationships to creativity, technology and resources.  He tries to give people new, subversive and fun ways to interact with these aspects of life and experience.  Jamie is an artist works at the intersection of art and technology, is an artist, designer and a technologist, as well as a teacher, researcher and experimenter. Jamie’s interests are in the ways people relate to electronic media and digital information in their diverse forms, beginning with their transduction into and from energy, as a material resource.  In a technological culture, art-and-technology practice may suggest new insight into how we shape our tools, and how our tools shape us. Recent work includes a public multimedia tour From Here On Out (fromhereonout.org, commissioned by the Wunderbar Festival), CURRENT a permanent interactive lighting installation, and the large-scale media facade work Refractive Index (refractiveindex.cc) supported by Arts Council England and being completed for the London 2012 cultural programme.


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  • Copenhagen, Denmark

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