Jane Chang Mi

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  • ISEA2022

    As an artist and ocean engineer, Jane Chang Mi assesses the post-colonial ocean environment through interdisciplinary research. Mi examines the narratives associated with the underwater landscape considering the past, present, and future. She most often focuses on the occupation and militarization of the Pacific Ocean by the United States. Specifically, her practice is centered around the topics of militourism — the creation and protection of tourist economies by military or paramilitary forces — and scientific colonization. This interest emerges from her background as an ocean engineer, a field that is inextricably linked to the American military complex. June 9 to August 21

    ISEA 2017

    • Jane Chang Mi, Artist, Honolulu Biennial, Pepperdine University and UCSB, Honolulu, HI and Los Angeles, CA, USA janecmi.com




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