Javier Melenchón

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Most Recent Affiliation(s):

  • Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Associate Professor

ISEA Bio(s) Available:

  • ISEA2022

    Dr. Javier Melenchón holds a BS and an MS in Multimedia Engineerins as well as a BS and MS in Computer Science. He also holds a PhD in “ICT and its management” from the Ramon Llull University in Catalonia. Dr. Javier Melenchón is an associate professor at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) and has been the Academic Director of several programs. He currently directs the BA in Digital Design and Creation. His research interests are mainly, but not limited to, digital signal processing, audio, image and video processing, multimodal processing, machine learning, data mining, virtual talking heads and human computer interaction. He has made different publications about these topics in several conference proceedings, book chapters and indexed journals.

Role(s) at the symposia over the years: