Jean-Philippe Côté

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  • Édouard-Montpetit College, _Professor

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  • ISEA2023

    Jean-Philippe Côté is an artist, researcher and professor based in the Montréal (Québec, Canada) metropolitan area. His work takes shape at the juncture of art, obsolescence, materiality and technology. His interactive art practice explores a diffractive mirroring of the visitor’s body and gestures using appropriated, and often outdated, technical devices. By generating distorted and liminal self-representations, he underlines the dislocation between who we are and how we present ourselves in a world heavily mediated by manifold technologies.


    Jean-Philippe Côté creates interactive art from technological trash. His installations have been built from obsolete ATM screens, antiquated pen plotters, discarded laptops, archaic security cameras and outmoded iPhones. By de-scripting technical artifacts, his work imagines alternate futures for the e-waste our societies leave behind. Despite this dramatic undertone, his installations are interacted with in a playful and poetic way.

    A recurring theme in his work is the mirroring of the visitor’s body. By exhibiting distorted, hybrid, blended and liminal representations of the self, his artworks are underlining the dislocation between who we are and the ways in which we present ourselves in a world heavily mediated by technology.

    While he is a hardware tinkerer, it is through software that he transmutes old devices into art. He is a respected contributor of the open source community, especially in the fields of creative coding, networked music and physical computing. In short, his artistic approach allows him to reshape reality through a combination of technical appropriation, software remediation and algorithmic serendipity.


    Jean-Philippe Côté. Born and based in Montreal (Canada), Jean-Philippe Côté (a.k.a. djipco) is an artist and teacher. His hybrid creations, sourced in cybernetics and prosthetics, explore this juncture where the roles of humans and machines overlap. Using open source software and ‘obsolete’ hardware, he puts together interactive installations that bring back a sense of tangibility to this growingly artificial world of ours. Leveraging his early years as an award-winning developer, he devises algorithmic approaches to reinventing reality and creating art. This makes him a regular contributor to the open source community especially in the field of physical computing and creative computing. His subject of choice is the human face which he often draws using micro or macro line segments. While somewhat figurative, his work always challenges the viewer’s first perceptions and usually calls for further scrutiny. Using generative and algorithmic processes, his creations are time and again the result of emergence and serendipity. Côté’s work has been exhibited in galleries and festivals internationally in venues such as Venice’s Arsenale, Minneapolis’ Walker Art Center, Montreal’s Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwangju’s Asia Culture Center and Fukuoka City’s Science Museum. He holds a master’s degree in communication with a specialization in experimental media from Université du Québec à Montréal. He teaches interactive media at Édouard-Montpetit College.


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  • Montreal, Quebec, Canada



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