Jean-Pierre Hébert

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  • [In memoriam 1939-2021]

    TISEA (1992)
    Jean-Pierre Hebert is an artist with a background in engineering who first worked with computers in 1959 and began ‘drawing’ with them in 1979. He has modified an HP plotter to carry large ink reservoirs feeding the pens. Each of his works, generally sized from 5x5cm to 75x100cm, comprises a single unbroken line meandering under the direction of the artist’s custom software creating non-repeating but self-similar linear harmonies.

    Hebert’s original drawings are the artefacts of a poetic exploration of the quality of line, texture and surface possible via the integration of the formal materials of this age-old discipline and the potentials of contemporary technology.


Last Known Location:

  • Santa Barbara, California, United States of America

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