Jeanne Jo’s artis­tic prac­tice and re­search in­ves­ti­gates the sys­tems of rules and pat­terns that emerge through it­er­a­tion in the art mak­ing process.  In her per­for­mance art work, she ex­am­ines and an­a­lyzes the in­ter­ac­tion among struc­ture, chance and rep­e­ti­tion.  She will pre­sent re­search based on a new pro­ject called Dou­ble Shadow that ex­plores the dig­i­tal traces left un­in­ten­tion­ally through In­ter­net usage.  Her method­olog­i­cal focus is to spec­u­late on the for­ma­tion tech­niques of per­for­mance arche­ol­ogy.