Jeroen Verschuren

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  • Space Ecologies Art and Design (SEADS)

ISEA Bio(s) Available:

  • ISEA2023

    Jeroen is a mixed media artist, and aviator interested in humanities, art, and technology and how these themes are often intertwined.

    Trained as an airline pilot, his experience varies from flight instruction to flying cargo, corporate, and for airlines in the US, Africa, and Europe. As an artist, his work embodies some of the themes he experienced during flight.

    Jeroen is interested in ideas that examine and rethink our existence in the universe and more specifically, the mental, physical, and philosophical relationship between humans and the different environments we inhabit or could possibly inhabit.

    His current responsibilities within SEADS are to further develop data sculptures in ‘Engines of Eternity’ and develop a generative model for module distribution in ‘Evolving Asteroid Starships’.

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